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For such a time as this! God has called His people to pray. We see today how fear is being used to control people & to create chaos. God tells us not to fear, but to trust in Him & His promises. We are also encouraged to live a life of continuous prayer & praise. Are we living such a life? Are we gathering with other Saints to rejoice in God & to pray for the release of those in bondage or affliction & to see their understanding opened to receive the Truth about the Kingdom of God? May we be praying to God, not only for those who Know Him, but also for those He is calling out of the world & into fellowship with our precious Savior, Jesus Christ. Mankind has been separated from God by sin, which is the breaking of God's Laws, but God has provided a way for us to be at peace with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. To know more, read the Holy Bible & may God bless you with "The Truth". www.WhoWillPray.com 509-879-1932 (Paid Advertisement)

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