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Fall is coming, this is our year end sale. Come & see our new things! 5 gallon Great Northern Railway can, Lucerne Dairy wire milk crate, 1948 Dupont explosive box, vintage hall tree, implement seat chair, Delphos kerosine can, old oil cans, 1930s vintage suitcase, very old glass door knobs, 1890s ornate oil lamp, barn lamp, seed scale, Keen cutter roofing hatchet, 1941 & 1942 US Army hatchets, 2 old toy tractors, deer mount, deer horns & longhorns, a lot of usable horse tack, horse collar with mirror, calvary high back & stock saddles, bits & spurs, a lot of hand tools, Stanley wood planes, advertising tins, fishing creels, old vintage holsters & some contemporary, dog door stop, 1940s-1950s bronze carnival horse, cowboy clock & lamp, Navajo blankets, Hudson Bay blankets, Navajo jewelry, quilting material, mustache cups, old China, very old Philip Goodwin print, a lot more see. Sale is Friday, September 13 & Saturday September 14 from 9am-4pm. Go north on 395 approximately 12 miles north of Wandermere to Staley Rd, turn left, then left again on Denison, follow signs to 2218 W Denison Rd, Deer Park

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