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Good variety: limited number peach, cherry; order early. Some extra large walnuts! Why wait 3-5 years? Sale: Seeds 10% off! Seed heating mats $2 off! Also available: Wonderful assortment of house plants, succulents, cacti, gardening, terrarium, dish garden, house plant supplies. Special: 25% off philodendrons, spider, wandering Jew, cast iron plants! Pussy willows. Moderate weather? Plant trees: Bright, cheerful yellow forsythia; quince; magnolias; hearty bush cherries; red twig dogwood! Some extra large, instant landscaping! Indoor/ outdoor decor: Lively, decorative critters, figurines give that finishing touch to arrangements, planters! Wet feet? Quality decorative stepping stones. Beat the rush: 1. Do landscape consulting now; 2. Do fruit, shade tree. special orders now; 3. Do yard clean up; 4. Work in compost, soil conditioners. Special: Surplus flats, pots. Quantity discounts: ideal for truck gardening. See Edwards Nursery 509-760-2222; 509-765-6367. 11230 Nelson Rd NE, Moses Lake

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