So, the Lord himself is telling the reader not to take in, believe or follow him in any way or you will surely die. It is for a good reason. Anyone who reads the Bible & cannot define the stories as of a murderer, liar, thief, enslaver, who is a great & terrible, dreadful God with fierce wrath, and follows him is an absolute fool. Thus, God doesn't want those. Since Jesus is the Lords Christ or better worded The Christ of a great & terrible God with fierce wrath! He is not to be followed either, I will use an excerpt from the Gospel "Suffer the little children to come to me as such is the Kingdom of God". I believe the opposite. Keep the children far away with clear instruction. Was Jesus a Son of God? No, if true, he would have lived. He was a son of man, and they followed the same God. Again, sons of God do not die by scripture as they follow God's instruction. Those who follow the Son of man who is God of that world & he does have sons, they are dead yet alive in spirit! The Kingdon of God referred to by Jesus is the pit, lake of fire, hell, spirit world. Perhaps the Lord said it best, No man has ever seen his face & lived! Most Bible readers will know the stories Adam & Eve do eat of the word of the Lord. The Lord put a flaming sword around the Tree of Life, lest they eat of it & live. That sword is the Holy Bible. As a child, my mother did take me to church. I was too little & had no concept or understanding. As a young man I gave it a read and found it to be evil, nonsense! About five years ago I picked it up again with the same findings as earlier. It's been plus three years, I haven't picked up a bible. I over time have considered the writings and lean toward the book being evil. I haven't attended church since childhood nor have I been baptised by any church. I am not a fan of anyone using technology for his or her pleasure. There is a underlying truth. If God doesn't want evil in the world, stop creating it. All evil comes from above. The great mystery of the Bible is that you are not to eat from the Lords tree, which is most all of the Holy Bible. Read & eat of the tree of life only which is God's word. If anyone wishes to respond, please write Box PP, c/o the Exchange, PO Box 11813, Spokane WA 9911. If it’s worthy, I will respond. SDJ (Paid Advertisement)

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