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Is it true that there is coming a day of judgement for all of humanity? The answer is clearly, Yes. We will all be accountable for our actions here on Earth. The bible tells us that: The hour is coming when all that are even in the graves shall come forth, those who have done evil will be sent unto damnation & those who have done good shall be resurrected unto Life. This truth should cause all who believe in Jesus to be praying daily for our loved ones & acquaintances & to be proclaiming this truth to all around. May we be found faithful. Mankind has been separated from God by sin, which is the breaking of God's Laws, but God has provided a way for us to be at peace with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. To know more, read the Holy Bible & may God bless you with “The Truth”. www.whowillpray.com or 509-879-1932. (Paid Advertisement)

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