It is always a good time to Pray & give Thanks unto God our Wonderful Creator! In a time where Truth is being attacked on many fronts. When much of the world’s population has been deceived into thinking that the government & main-stream media desires their good. Where lies are being promoted as truth & the Truth is being suppressed. Even in this environment we see glimmers of Justice, Truth & Righteousness, which shine brightly in this present hour. One great sign that we are indeed toward the end of the Last days is the great deception we see occurring around us. Jesus said in Matt 24: “Take heed (listen & pay close attention) that no man deceive you.” & Paul said: “But evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse, deceiving & being deceived.” The mass deception out there shows that we are indeed nearing the end of days. We are told by John that “the whole world lies in wickedness.” & to “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of (God) the Father is not in them.” Mankind has been separated from God by sin, which is the breaking of God's Laws, but God has provided a way for us to be at peace with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. To know more, read the Holy Bible & may God bless you with “The Truth”. & may you who believe in Jesus Christ, become a public witness of the Truth that is in you. Not hidden in a building somewhere, but out in the streets & in public places to testify of Jesus, to tell His wonderful Truths & to Pray more fervently for God's will to be done in the earth. www.WhoWillPray.com or 509-879-1932. (Paid Advertisement)

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