With 385 CFM air compressor. DB800 Dustless Blaster with 2 Nozzles, 100 Ft Blast Hose 385 CFM Sullivan-Paletek air compressor with 125 HP John Deere engine 125 gallon water tank, water pump with hose 7000 LB Fox dual axle trailer. RPB Nova 3 sandblasting helmet with climate control, Nova 3 blast suit, nylon blast cape, 50 Ft breathing air supply, Nova 3 Radex airline filter. 2 pallets 40/70 recycled glass media, 5 gallons of rust inhibitor. Most equipment new or nearly new. Business name and quote forms included. Business ready to go. $32,000. No Trades, or best offer 509- 368-4941 Spokane

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