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April 2024


Rhonda MarksOwner of the Spokane Home Shows

Rhonda Marks bought the Spokane Home Idea Show in 2000 and the Spokane Home & Garden Show in 2012. They are the only two shows she does.

She had worked for the Mining Association and they did a trade show along with their convention. ShoWorks was the contractor for the trade show part. She ended up quitting the Mining Association in 1996 and went to work for ShoWorks doing lots of different trade shows, mostly business shows, other than the Home Idea Show. She broke off on her own when she bought the Home Idea Show.

She now works year round part time until about 3 months prior to each show, then it is very much full time! The part she likes best is the puzzle of putting exhibitors on the map, trying to separate similar businesses and make for an interesting event. The part she likes least is any cancellations, especially the ones at the last minute.

During Covid, it was a horrible time, everything stopped dead in its tracks. She wasn’t sure if she would make it. Two years of nothing. And then it took several years to get back to full participation. There were a lot of vendors that went out of business, a lot that couldn’t get product or staffing. But this year the show is back to a full floor plan and there is a great line up of exhibitors.

Rhonda grew up in the Yakima Valley (Grandview), then moved to Spokane for College and never left. She has four children and a couple of daughters-in-law. Most of them have helped with the show and one of her daughter-in-laws, Ciera, is going to take over in the next couple of years. Rhonda is planning on retiring after the 50th show in 2026 and spending more time with her grandchildren. All the best to you Rhonda!

Meet The Exceptional: Helen Boyd-Schwartz


Helen applied for a job here at the Exchange in April of 1993 soon after moving to Spokane from Cambridge, England, where she was born and raised. Her publishing experience started at an early age working on the Village Newsletter, and also her college newspaper. After graduating from college she got her first job with United PLC publications weekly paper “The Town Crier” as a “page planner” working on their 9 regional publications. She knew she wanted to stay in the publishing business and started at the Exchange answering the phone and taking classified ads. Then, after getting some experience, she started creating and selling display ads. Now, Helen enjoys helping businesses succeed by helping them plan print and digital advertising campaigns.

Over the years, Helen has been responsible for creating an efficient work environment with her brilliant procedures and helping the staff follow them! She is well versed with every aspect of the publishing business and is now coordinating with our digital marketing partner, January Spring. This month she will be traveling to Chicago to attend the Niche Conference for Publishers, which will be globally attended. The focus will be on the latest and greatest marketing tools that deliver success. We are excited to have her represent the Exchange in such a prestigious group of professionals!

In her free time she enjoys walking her dogs, gardening, watching the Seahawks and college volleyball. Helen and her husband also volunteer and foster dogs for a local animal rescue and help them find new homes.


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