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Tree, Shrub, Perennial Moving!    

Warmer weather? Yes! Now is the time to transplant trees, shrubs and perennials before they leaf out. Some will leaf out sooner, such as birch and maple. Therefore they need to be moved first. Others such as walnut, sycamore or grapes can be moved later. If roses or flowering shrubs have started leafing out, cut back and thin out smaller, thinner branches. Water thoroughly. Use Liquinox Start to help stimulate new roots sooner.  Put bark or wood chips around the base to keep the roots cool, the moister in and the weeds down.

If  you must move a shrub after it has leaved out, cut it back and strip off the new foliage. The amount you cut back depends both on how big the shrub is, how much root came out, and how much soil stayed on the roots. The earlier you move it, the better. Also be sure not to cut back roses when they are frozen as they may shatter and bigger sections may break off. In addition, this is a good time to add the manure compost and bone-meal or azomite. Your prior preparation will make a big difference in how well the plant does.

If you haven’t already watered your plants, do so now. Be thorough. Cut off old dead foliage and clean up leaves. Wash down the foliage too. Watering in once a week intervals should be adequate. Now is a good time to split perennials. As the perennials start to show, cut between new growth with a sharp shovel. The number of cuts you make depends on the size of the crown and how well you can get between the shoots. It also depends on how many new places you need that plant. If you have extra, you might want to share starts with family or friends. They also make wonderful housewarming gifts for new homeowners.

Weeds? Whoever heard of such a thing? Of course! Weed thoroughly and then cover soil with mulch to keep weeds down before they get started. It makes it so much easier and less labor intensive to keep flower beds clean! The same goes for flowers that have taken over. Take out what you don’t want!  

In the vegetable garden, mulch or plant down through black plastic. Many gardeners use straw, paper, or even cardboard. This makes the difference between gardening being a pleasure or a nightmare that you dread to look at or tackle. In addition, your vegetables that you want get lost and have trouble competing with the weeds. The weeds hog the water and nutrients and host all kinds of insects and other critters that you don’t want.

Now you can enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are a pleasure to watch grow and harvest. All done? No! Now is the time to plan successive planting of radishes, lettuce, salad greens, cabbage, carrots, beets, turnips, and other fall crops. Have fun and enjoy your gardening!                              


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