Operation Dog Tag

Dedicated to all men and women who served in combat and their families who love them. Operation Dog Tag wishes to educate the community of their purpose and asks for help in aiding the returning veterans along with the ones that are already struggling at home.

And we veterans thank you as we continue “Making Man’s Best Friend Even Better For A Veteran”­­­ - Joe Scheffer, Director

Operation Dog Tag is a non-profit organization that provides training aid and guidance in the service dog community for veterans. These service dogs are a vital importance to a disabled veteran’s rehabilitation back into today’s society. With the ODT bringing training to the service dog, veteran alike. The need for a building is vital to the success of this program. I know from my own personal disabilities that having a dog around can help with some of the invisible pains that a human can’t sense. The dog can tell when you are anxious or upset and can provide a sense of comfort. Some veterans like me have horrible vivid dreams known as night terrors.  With my own personal problems of sleep apnea, my dog will wake me up when I stop breathing while I sleep.  So I believe that a good service dog that has been trained by the ODT will help his/her veteran through the process of dealing with the stressors of TBI (Traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).  Along with veterans who have lost arms or legs the service dog can help them with reaching or grabbing items,
turning on light switches,  opening doors, protection. To provide a service to our veterans in this nature, is not a question of should
but when can we start this process to get a good man and his program up and running…  so thank you for your time.

Michael Carroll,  Spokane Veteran’s Court Mentor, VSO, Point Man International Ministries, WWP Alumni, American Legion District 8 Service Officer, Veteran Outreach
Center volunteer.  Army spc.  ¼ ADA Battalion Iraq 2003-2004






Operation Dog Tag is a non-profit organization dedicated to training dogs for combat Veterans. Then in turn, training those Vets to train other dogs for other Vets. Having a dog has been proven to help with rehabilitation & many Veterans in our area are in desperate need. The Veterans are given these dogs at no cost.
So please help us help our Veterans by donating to: Pointman Int’l Ministries (DBA Operation Dog Tag),
Joe Scheffer, Director, PO Box 1892, Deer Park, WA 99006