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Charlotte's Story

The searching began a few weeks after I lost Sarah (my Aussie mix rescued from SCRAPS way back in December of 2005). At the beginning of August 2017, Sarah lost her fight with old age and arthritis, and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. The pain of losing a beloved pet is hard to bear, but the big hole in my heart made me realize I was ready to give another dog a loving home.

I found a picture of Charlotte on “Power of the Paw” website, a North Idaho rescue group in late August 2017. I completed the online application. Soon after I heard from Stephanie, who told me all about Charlotte. She had been abandoned in a rental property in Salem, Oregon and had been heard barking by a neighbor and taken to the local animal shelter. Her intake paperwork stated she was in bad shape, underweight, bacterial & fungal infections of her skin, open sores, and losing her hair with severe hot spots where she had nibbled her skin raw. Her front teeth were worn down, we can only assume from chewing goodness knows what trying to forage for food. Of course, she was in no condition to be adopted, and was listed to be euthanized. Thankfully, someone at the Marion County dog shelter contacted OSCAR (Operation Safe Canine Animal Rescue) who then contacted Power of the Paw and Charlotte was transferred to North Idaho. Stephanie was the one to get her off the transport vehicle, and after one look immediately realized she needed veterinary care. Charlotte was put on antibiotics, allergy meds and more, and bathed to try and sooth her itching skin. Janette, a Power of the Paw foster mom, took Charlotte in and took over three months nursing her back to health.

Today, Charlotte can run at the park for hours, bringing back whatever you’re throwing for her over and over again, she lives for her frisbee and ball. I have weaned her off all medicines except one, she is now a healthy weight, is still growing back her hair, and loves walks and playing with her rope tug toys. Giving a home to an animal from any of the many local rescue groups is a process, but I encourage you to do it, support them and get to know the great work these rescue groups do. Be prepared to fill out an online application, give references, your vets details and information about your family. Rescue groups are dedicated to finding great homes for their animals and that fit your family and lifestyle, they work tirelessly with local, and out of area shelters taking in animals, often getting them back to good health, giving them training as needed and making sure they go to their forever homes. You might think it’s not worth it, but speaking as someone who has rescued three dogs, four cats (and counting) and had them all until they passed on, it’s been worth every minute. So, consider giving a home to an animal in need of adoption at a rescue group, you won’t regret it, and you’ll make plenty of new friends too!

We can’t thank rescue groups enough, from all over the Inland Northwest! Many thanks from Charlotte and her forever home to Power of the Paw,, to Janette, the amazing foster Mom, and to Stephanie who now runs her own rescue,

Submitted by Helen B.


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