Rescues Rock- Mamma Merry

Rescues Rock is a weekly feature that celebrates rescue animals and their forever homes! Check back often for a new pet success story. Special thanks to the rescue groups all over the Inland Northwest and the work they do that makes stories like these possible!

Rescue in need of a rockstar:

Mamma Merry

Mamma Merry's Story

6yrs, Spayed Female American Staffy
Rabies, DAPP, Bordetella, Wormed, and Microchip
NO Small Dogs, Cats, or other animals, older children okay.
Adoption Fee: $175

Found wandering the streets of Spokane, our little lady came into the local shelter VERY pregnant. Not wanting her to give birth in that environment, the shelter reached out for rescue help. This was back in December, and Merry was only the fourth dog to come through the Barn doors at Furry Farm Rescue! 10 days later she gave birth to the hungry hippos!

While Merry had a soft spot for those that saved her, she honestly didn’t trust anyone else. We didn’t blame her. Who knows what she had lived through prior to coming to the farm. We decided to let her nurture and raise her puppies at her own pace, and the rest would come later. We found she was a most excellent Mamma. After the puppies were weaned, she went in for her spay. It was apparent she had a lot of practice being a Mom before. :(  With the Estrogen leaving her system and the Pibbles off in their adoptive homes, we set to working with Merry. She’s learned to let the world pass her by. No easy task for a girl who never knew what might be coming her way. She has learned to trust again!

Merry is a very affectionate girl, looking for someone to love her, care for her, and be her best friend. Her ideal home will be quiet, with no small animals, older children are fine, but the excitement levels of little children would be too much for her.

The ultimate goal for Merry is now in front of her, and I’m sure she had no idea how much her life could change walking through our barn doors. She’s finishing up a full board and train program, which has given her the tools and confidence to be a ROCK STAR! There is an awesome benefit to you, her adopter, too, as with completion of the board and train, our trainer will be working with you, so you have all the skills to help this beautiful Angel thrive! The trainer will be available any time, for guidance and brush-ups.

Love like Merry’s doesn’t come around every day.  Find this girl filling your heart by filling out the adoption application on our website, Or for any questions or further information, email



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