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Rescues Rock is a weekly feature that celebrates rescue animals and their forever homes! Check back often for a new pet success story. Special thanks to the rescue groups all over the Inland Northwest and the work they do that makes stories like these possible!

Rescue in need of a rockstar:


Merry's Story

Last November, Merry was found wandering the streets of Spokane, tired, hungry, alone, and very pregnant. When we met this shy girl, who was confused and miserable at the shelter, it took a blink of an eye to open the barn doors at The Furry Farm Rescue. 10 days later, the hungry hippos were born!  

While Merry has a soft spot for those that saved her, she honestly didn’t trust anyone else. We didn’t blame her. Who knows what she had lived through prior to coming to the farm. We decided to let her nurture and raise her puppies at her own pace, and the rest would come later. We found she was a most excellent Mamma. After the puppies were weaned, she went in for her spay. It was apparent she had a lot of practice being a Mom before. With the Estrogen leaving her system and the pibbles off in their adoptive homes, we set to working with Merry. Merry was very fortunate, and a very dear and loving friend of her foster mom sponsored Merry and her beautiful puppies. This generous gift saved lives, and changed Merry’s world forever. With training at United K9, Merry gained confidence. She’s learned to let the world pass her by. No easy task for a girl who never knew what might be coming her way.

Months passed by though, and we hadn’t received one application on this amazing hippo. We kept advertising, the Farm Family kept sharing her story, and then one day there it came. This ROCK STAR had an adoption application, and it was a really good application!!!

Virginia and Bob responded to a small 25 word ad in the local paper, when they applied for Merry. They didn’t know her story the way you all do. As we chatted, it became clear that hearing her story and understanding her needs, they were ready to love her all the more! The meet and greets went smashing, with baby steps of trust, and we watched as a bond started to form between Merry and Virginia. Merry is the 6th pit bull type dog in Virginia and Bob’s lives. She joins them and Bo, a senior heeler in their family. Merry has made herself quite at home. She is Virginia’s shadow and is thoroughly enjoying sleeping next to her each night.  Merry’s mamma instincts are still there, she checks on Bo when her comes in from outside. She double-checks he and Bob are tucked in for the night, before turning in herself with Virginia. She watches for Bob to return from the gym every morning. She’s enjoying the comforts of home and routine! She’s being loved for being Merry!

Join us in celebrating the life every dog deserves, a life we fought long and hard to provide for Merry! Congratulations Virginia and Bob, your lives are brighter now with this Angel in it. Merry, sweet Merry, we are all elated and overcome with emotion to see you find the love, warmth and care of family life!
Love, the Farm Hands


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