Rescues Rock - Prim

Rescues Rock is a weekly feature that celebrates rescue animals and their forever homes! Check back often for a new pet success story. Special thanks to the rescue groups all over the Inland Northwest and the work they do that makes stories like these possible!


Prim's Story

About one year after I moved out of my parent’s home, I began to think I really wanted a cat. On a whim, I decided to go look at local shelters for cats. I went to the Spokane Humane Society first, and found a beautiful male silver tabby. I was enamored of his beauty, but realized after reading his profile that his high, late-night energy was not a good fit for my life. I decided to go to SCRAPS and check out their cats. I walked around the cat room and was beginning to get frustrated because every cat I came across that I was interested in was “on hold” or unavailable because they were going to an adoption event.

In the last row of kennels, I saw this sweet little (and I mean little) white and tabby fluff ball with green eyes. She was a little shy at first, hiding on the upper level of her kennel, but quickly decided I was trustworthy enough to come say “hi.” I scooped her up and took her to the meet and greet room so we could get to know each other.

She was sweet and mellow, and just kind of looked at me for a while. For whatever reason, I felt like she was the right one for me and adopted her. I picked her up after her spay, she peed in my car, and then she got settled into my apartment. She was pretty worried about my dog, Riley, at first, but realized pretty quickly that she was the boss lady of the house. I have had her for almost exactly 3 years. She is just the right mix between playful, lazy, and sassy, earning the name Prim. I often wonder about her past. She was a 3 lb, fully-grown, fluff ball when I met her. She was beautiful and friendly, but she was in kitty jail and no one ever claimed her. She never has to worry about that again, her dog-bro and I would miss her way too much if she ever landed herself back in jail. She has definitely found her forever home with her forever family.

Submitted by Rhiannon A.


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