SHBA – Top design Tends for You to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

Top design Tends for you to consider when remodeling your home

By Joel White, Executive Officer Spokane Home Builder’s Association

If you’re seeking inspiration for your next home renovation project and want to stay up to date, here are a few of the top design trends in the market you should consider.  These ideas come courtesy of SHBA Board member and Local Interior Designer, Melissa Helvey, CKBD with CrafteD Kitchen Design who attended the 2019 Construction & Design Week Conference earlier this year.   

Color: We’re finally seeing the “Greying Trend” take a back seat. Color is now en vogue. The use of colorful cabinets, not just as an accent, but as the whole kitchen. Colorful appliances are no longer only available to the elite. Colorful tile again, not just the accent, but the entire wall. The colors we’re trending are opulent & luxurious; Emerald Green, Purple and Navy.

Delineation of Spaces through Mixed Metals: This has been a reoccurring trend over the last several years. More metals are being brought to the table. Copper is making quite a splash as an accent metal, either in accessories, or as an accent on appliance. Gold/ Brushed Bronze and the warmer tone metals are very popular, as is Matte Black.

Hard Surfaces:  Thinner, Larger. No longer are we having to deal with the never ending, always dirty grout lines in a shower full of 4” x 4” tile. Now available in Ultra compact surface, laminated tempered glass & waterproof laminate countertop and wall cladding are available as large as 60” x 120” slabs! Bye-Bye grout lines!

Technology: Integrated technology is no longer a sci-fi myth. Alexa, Google, Jeffrey…and a litany of other virtual assistance are available to assist with everyday tasks of turning on the lights, playing music, pre-heating the oven, making your favorite cup of coffee, turning your shower on to your pre-set temperature, and more! The possibilities are endless.

Lighting: LED lighting is everywhere, which is allowing for some out of the box thinking and applications. Perimeter lit panels allow for easy backlighting without seeing individual diodes. Edison style Bulbs are now available in many different shapes & sizes. LED lighting incorporated into cabinetry that comes on automatically when a drawer or door is opened. LED tape light is an easy & inexpensive way to add custom details.

3D & Texture: Geometry is at the forefront of the tile trends. 3D and textured tile is readily and making a big statement. Large tiles 18” x 36” are perfect for a standard backsplash & require no cutting and minimal grout joints, allowing for the pattern & texture to be the focal point.

Mid-century modern and modern farmhouse: Bringing out a home’s original character is a style that is sweeping the nation. Mid-century modern homes have a warm and inviting living space with large windows and open design concepts. The popular modern farmhouse incorporates natural wood beams, large sinks and barn doors.

Stairs as a focal piece: Known more for utility in a home rather than design, stairs are taking a life of their own. Homes this year will have stairs with fine detailing, unique materials and one-of-a-kind designs. Stairs and rails are available in an array of styles and are suitable for any budget.

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