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2021 Hottest Home
Design Trends

Courtesy of: Strohmaier Construction
Home Office
As I’m sure we have all experienced, there’s been a shift in home design after covid. With this shift, more people are realizing that they can do their job from home and would like to be set up to do so. We will see more and more specific areas dedicated to their home office.
Remember macrame pot hangers? They are back! Plants are the newest fad to add to our home. We are seeing more people incorporating plants into their home, for added greenery and fresher air.
They may have been taken out of many homes in remodels in years past, but we are now seeing arches being made in walkways, cabinets, windows and so much more. They are a gorgeous feature we are incorporating back into modern home design.
Building Science
This is probably very specific to our location here in eastern Washington, but I can foresee building science being a huge piece of 2021. With the new codes and trying to stay ahead, incorporating innovative building science concepts is going to be huge in that aspect.

Smooth Wall
Untextured walls can be expensive and harder to achieve. But man, are they worth it! The feeling of a Level 5 smooth wall is like running your hand across butter. Textured walls have been a thing for as long as we have been building homes, but now that the modern simplistic style is in, smooth walls are much desired.
Stained Cabinets
We used to think stained cabinets were a thing of the past, they are now back and better than ever! We are living for the White Oak and Walnut. We are seeing clients incorporate more stained vs painted cabinets


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