SHBA – Learning is Lifelong

Learning is Lifelong

These are exciting times for all of those involved with the Spokane Home Builders Association’s Education department. We are rolling out many exciting professional trainings at numerous locations across our Grant County, Spokane County, Tri-County, and Whitman County chapters, that could not be pulled off without amazing support from our members and partners.

For example, at the SHBA office, Amy Mensik from Witherspoon-Kelly is running a seven-part Employment Law & Compliance series covering topics from employee compensation, workplace injury & illness, prevailing wage, termination practices, and much more. The Spokane Home Builders Association is trying to improve access to First Aid/CPR classes, class series like those partnered courses with Witherspoon-Kelly, and several specialty courses like handling Asbestos & Silica and B&O tax compliance.

The Spokane Home Builders Association also hosts meetings for the Spokane Regional Codes Group, a collection of builders, remodelers, and Building/Public works staffs from numerous jurisdictions to learn about and discuss code changes and compliance on different types of projects.

Whether you want to develop a stronger, more healthy relationship with public officials that you interact with or want to learn how to run a more efficient workplace, feel free to check out the Spokane Home Builders Association’s education programs.

All these courses are heavily-discounted for SHBA members and cover subjects that are critical to employers and their business needs.

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