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Workforce Hiring Event: COnstruction Combine

Are you looking for, or do you know someone looking for a job in the construction industry? On April 23rd and 24th The Spokane Home Builders Association will be hosting Spokane’s First Annual Construction Combine. The Construction Combine serves as an opportunity for those interested in beginning a career in the construction industry to be given hands-on training in the trades, and also for the contractors in our community to be given the opportunity to find ready-to-hire candidates.

This two-day event will be a fast-paced training course in the basic trade skills of framing, siding, roofing, concrete, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and flooring. Participants will be able to spend the first day learning the basic skills of eight different trades. The second day will be spent practicing those skills that they have acquired to build eight sheds, to which our local Home Depot and The Home Depot Foundation have donated the supplies. These sheds will then be donated to eight local veterans in partnership with the VFW: District 9 and Greater Veterans Spokane.

Local contractors will not only be teaching and supervising the students, they will be scouting the crowd of participants for their next hires. At the end of the second day, these contractors will have the opportunity to partake in a draft-style hiring event.

This event is the perfect opportunity for job seekers to showcase their talents and ability to learn in ways the typical job interview does not provide room for. It also serves as an opportunity for hiring contractors to get a closer look at the candidates they are considering, as they can evaluate in person the work ethic, eagerness, and readiness of men and women interested in a career in the construction industry.

For more information on the event, how to apply as a jobseeker and how to get involved as an employer, please visit www.shba.com/education/constructioncombine. You may also contact SHBA Education & Special Projects Coordinator, Becky Shannon at beckys@shba.com or 509-532-4990.

April 1, 2020

April 23 & 24, 2020


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